vgmplay-msx shows the length of the song but there is no current playtime

I know a full blown GUI is cool and all, but a nice timer besides the current Playing… would be nice for the mean time :wink:

bitbucket:Peter Hanraets
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4 years ago
4 years ago
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bitbucket:Laurens Holst 4 years ago · edit

See also #12, quote “VGMPlay currently relies on DOS console I/O which is slow and can’t be done during playback without affecting the timing.”

I could focus first on a simple text mode interface which basically does what DOS console I/O does, but much faster because it writes to VRAM directly and bypasses DOS. This would allow for printing text such as the current time during playback, and would also lay the groundwork for GUI work later so it’s not wasted effort.

bitbucket:Peter Hanraets 4 years ago · edit

Makes sense and it would be much appreciated (as vgmplay-msx is probably 70% of my MSX use). Of course no rush from my end (I will survive without a counting clock)

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