The no-JS Club

Use this tracker to suggest websites for no-JS Club membership.

Questions and suggestions of all kinds as well as problems around the no-JS Club, will also be dealt with here.

By submitting a ticket for a membership application, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the FAQ and that the submitted page complies with our rules and conditions as well as does not provide any content that we have designated as inappropriate!

Use the following example to create a new ticket related to a membership request (Adjust the values for "Domain", "Size in KB" and "Scan" accordingly):

- Domain: https://example.org

- Size in KB:11.0

- Scan: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/example.org/JNsOoxNC/

Simply copy and paste the above three lines into the "Description" field below. As "Title" (see below) you can use your domain name for example


  • please enter only one website per ticket
  • please specify the size in kilo bytes
  • the required GTmetrix URL can be taken from the address bar of the web browser once the scan is completed
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