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#70 Is there really no way to bypass the 12 posts limit ? 3 months ago

Ticket created by ~hollow on ~cadence/bibliogram-issues

There's a website named imginn which serves basically the same purpose as Bibliogram but unfortunately they are closed source, they somehow manage to bypass the 12 posts restriction Bibliogram is suffering from a long time.

I don't really know how they're doing this in the first place, probably multiple accounts like Aurora Store is doing for Google Play ? I imagine they may also need a pool of "user" IPs like not hosted by AWS or so ?

Shouldn't be possible to research or even maybe ask them (i know very unlikely but maybe we're in a good timeline) ?

I don't know how Instagram login works too or how aggressive are their anti-bot/scrapper protections but would it be simple to add a system using a one or a list of accounts to access resources unrestricted ?

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