Fix major bug that affected LibrePlanet 2021

We experienced the application failing regularly during libreplanet 2021.

Ruben identified that it was a bug that manifested when users switched between worlds. The table which keeps a list of which user in is in which world isn't updated correctly. The application log also shows some errors. On the server console, you could have it print the table periodically and you'd notice a problem.

This is a bit vague, but Ruben remembers the code was updating some functions to have different parameters in them.

It was fixed in WorkAdventure sometime after their change to a nonfree license. Ruben thinks that we can find some useful information by learning about the fix through its commit message and possibly a referenced bug report. We should not look at the code change itself because it is under an incompatible license.

If fixing it seems too hard, we could switch to having one world. Perhaps combine the two worlds into one.

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8 months ago
6 months ago
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~iank 6 months ago

After testing today, we want to combine the maps to one world.

~iank 6 months ago

Ruben made some changes which he thinks fixed or improved this issue.

At the end of load testing, I had client freeze upon switching maps. However, it mostly worked and it looks like I don't have time to figure out how to consolidate to one map. So, we will probably go with the current setup.

~eggx 6 months ago

How can I access server logs while running the application? I am trying to reproduce the issue.

I also take it that "world" = "room" upon inspecting the code. It's not very consistent in the naming, but the two terms appear to be mixed everywhere. So if I understand correctly, in our case there are two worlds/rooms, the office and the outdoors environment.

~iank REPORTED FIXED 6 months ago

eggx: yes. That is right. This issue didn't appear at LibrePlanet, so I think Ruben substantially fixed it. I'm resolving it as fixed.

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