Wrong default incrementor value?

zuurr — Yesterday at 9:24 PM i have a bug report for oorandom. you don't use github or i'd just file it as a pr (i dont really want to make an account on your thing to file an issue, so i'm just messaging it to you) you have the wrong default for the incrementor. e.g. you take the value from the PCG source, but then do inc.wrapping_shl(1) | 1 to it this causes your result to differ from the reference impl basically you just need to change https://docs.rs/oorandom/11.1.3/src/oorandom/lib.rs.html#39 to be

pub const DEFAULT_INC: u64 = 1442695040888963407 >> 1;

or something

same thing for https://docs.rs/oorandom/11.1.3/src/oorandom/lib.rs.html#170

let me know if that doesn't make sense. i'm 100% positive this is a bug, and can probably do a better job explaining than i just did. well, it's a bug if you care at all about having the same results as the reference implementation. which IMO you should?

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