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#245 Use [Type!]! instead of [Type]! for cursor results in GraphQL API 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~ireas on ~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht

Currently, the results field of the cursor types is defined as [Type]!, e. g. [Tracker]! for TrackerCursor, but it could be [Type!]! instead as the array values are expected to be non-null. (Might also apply for other projects.)

#244 Cursor does not work for trackers query (GraphQL API) 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~ireas on ~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht

This query always returns the first page of the trackers results, even if a cursor is set:

query { user(username: $name) { trackers(cursor: $cursor) { cursor, results { name } } } }

#24 Doesn't compile 23 days ago

Comment by ~ireas on ~ireas/rusty-man

Thanks Augusto for the report and sorry that I didn’t reply earlier.

The dependency versions listed in Cargo.lock work fine, but cargo install ignores them. You can force it to use the correct versions by adding the --locked argument, i. e. cargo install --locked rusty-man. Please let me know if this does not work either.

I’ll update the dependencies and improve the README with the next release, see #25 and #26, so that cargo install should work without additional arguments. !


#26 Improve installation instructions 23 days ago

Ticket created by ~ireas on ~ireas/rusty-man

Make it clear that we recommend installation from source and that cargo install might require the --locked flag.

#25 Update dependency versions 23 days ago

Ticket created by ~ireas on ~ireas/rusty-man

See also #24.

#1 Add support for images 4 months ago

Comment by ~ireas on ~ireas/genpdf-rs

Yes, that sounds good.

#1 Add support for images 4 months ago

Comment by ~ireas on ~ireas/genpdf-rs

  1. Do we want images to be behind a feature- flag, or required (and thus a version bump)?

As this probably pulls in several non-trivial dependencies, I’d prefer to have it behind a feature flag.

  1. If behind a feature- flag, do we want it to be on-by-default?

I’m not sure yet. What do you think?

Anyway, let’s start with a non-default feature. We can still make it a default feature later.

I have dev question: Do you want this broken into a couple patches: Dependency Update, Code change, example/demo regen? Otherwise, I can maybe safe some time by just pushing the Dependency/Code change to you. Then, I can generate the demo doc, or you can (security concerns on PDFs, or whatnot etc.)?

If the changes are one logical group, a single patch should be okay. You can also update the demo PDF if you want to.

#1 Add support for images 4 months ago

Comment by ~ireas on ~ireas/genpdf-rs

Great, thank you! I don’t think anyone else is currently working on this issue.

#23 Allow downcasting dyn Element or take Box<dyn Elements> 5 months ago

Comment by ~ireas on ~ireas/genpdf-rs

To be clear, I’m not against adding boxed methods for the wrappers. But I first have to think about the consequences of that change, whereas it is a no-brainer for the containers as we already use boxed elements anyway.

#19 Explicit line breaks inside of paragraphs 5 months ago

Comment by ~ireas on ~ireas/genpdf-rs

The paragraph layout is already quite complex: We have to calculate the line height, split the input into words, measure the word width, group the words into lines and hyphenate words. We currently don’t have the means to do that for arbitrary elements.

It would be nice to be able to push elements into a paragraph, but it will require lots of conceptual work. For this specific issue, it is much easier to use newline characters.