Extract style module into its own crate

I have started using genpdf as my pdf backend and really like the StyledString and Style types. I would like to also use them for my other backends, unfortunately using them requires pulling in all of genpdf's dependencies so I think it would make sense to make a new styled-string crate for it.

P.s.: Thank you for your work on this

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2 years ago
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~ireas 2 years ago*

May I ask what your other backends are and what style information you need? I already created the text-style crate for this purpose (with colors and text effects). I just didn’t manage to add conversions for genpdf yet. Would that work for you?

~soruh REPORTED FIXED 2 years ago

For now I want to emit to ansi term and probably html so text-style should work great for me. I might want to use fonts in the future but that is very low priority for now.

~ireas 2 years ago

Great! I’ve added a genpdf backend to text-style – let me know if you need a release.

~soruh 2 years ago

Thank you very much. I'm okay with tracking master for now, so do the next release when you think it makes sense.

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