#44 sxmo-utils: port slock and use to lock screen 3 months ago

Comment by ~iv on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Somehow the out url genertor included the '.' at the end, the link is: https://codeberg.org/iv/pinephone_sxmo_sxmo_lock

#240 Rethink how we lock SXMO 3 months ago

Comment by ~iv on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

A small remark on security. I've tried adding a slock part and a virtual keyboard to add authentication, see ticket #44. It works, but the issue that I could not get around is essentially the same one as in ticket #86. I fail to grab multitouch events, which would be a significant issue if something like Firefox is responding to them.

#119 Add zoom/unzoom gestures. 8 months ago

Comment by ~iv on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

You can try https://codeberg.org/iv/pinephone_sxmo_lisgd , I added some code to increase/decrease brightness on horizontal stretch/pinch but you can do whatever you want. The new swipes are PinchDU, StretchDU, PinchLR, StretchLR, PinchULDR, StretchULDR, PinchDLUR, StretchDLUR, see config.def.h.

They can also be called with -g, see if (!strcmp(gestpt, "PLR")) gestsarr[gestsarrlen-1].swipe = PinchLR; ... if (!strcmp(gestpt, "SULDR")) gestsarr[gestsarrlen-1].swipe = StretchULDR; in main in lisgd.c.

I will send it as a patch to lisgd once I've tested it a bit more. Use with caution, it's work in progress; but if you want it right now and are prepared to tinker, you are welcome to use it. I'm happy with any suggestions to improve it.

#118 how to kill an app? 8 months ago

Comment by ~iv on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Greetings. With the default bindings holding down the volume down button will kill the current program/app. The svkbd-mobile-intl version of the keyboard includes alt, if you need it.

#44 sxmo-utils: port slock and use to lock screen 8 months ago

Comment by ~iv on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

I have a solution which is, essentially, svkbd-mobile-plain and a (coarse) slock in one ".c" . It is currently not tied into sxmo_lockscreen, so I'm not sure where to put it... (?) I still have to think what the best thing to do with it visually, so at the moment it is just a terminal window and a keyboard. If anyone has a use for it, see https://codeberg.org/iv/pinephone_sxmo_sxmo_lock. The makefile will install sxmo_lockscreen in usr/local. The functionality remains that of the old sxmo_lockscreen. Additionally you call it with --require-password or with the environment variable SXMO_LOCK_PASSWORD set to 1, in this case you will be greeted by a red keyboard when you try to unlock. Use at your own risk, still at bit rough around the edges. Technical info: the pointer/touch input is grabed by the on-screen keyboard and the "slock" grabs the keyboard input.

#114 Hide or reload keyboard on rotate 8 months ago

Ticket created by ~iv on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

The keyboard stays on when the screen is rotated. When going from vertical to horizontal this is not visible because the keyboard is "outside" of the screen (but you do have to press the power button twice to kill and launch the keyboard). When going from horizontal to vertical, (half of) the keyboard stays in the middle of the screen and will accept input. Maybe pkill $KEYBOARD should be added to the to 3 rot-functions in sxmo_rotate.sh. One could also consider reopening the keyboard if it is running (but chances are the user wants to close it anyway).

Cheers IV