Consider generating list of publications for people

To find the tree for a publication whose title I can’t remember, I navigate to the author’s tree and look at the “contributions” section. This is usually full of definitions though so I think it could be convenient have a separate “publications” section for trees of the person taxon.

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8 months ago
7 months ago

~jonsterling 8 months ago

That's a good idea...

~jonsterling 8 months ago

I've been thinking about this, and part of the problem is that there may be things that one doesn't want to consider "publications" --- like talks, etc., or workshop papers. But handling these distinctions inside the Forester tool is likely to be over-determining, as people's preferences may vary. I am thinking that a less ad-hoc version of this feature would involve some kind of more flexible configuration of the default queries for trees' backmatter, but I am not yet sure how to efficiently implement this.

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