Alternative titles for trees

I have been noticing that it may be desirable for a single tree to have multiple types: two cases of this are:

  1. For rendering a wikilink, we probably want a "short title". For example, it is not good if a wikilink to [[lics-2024]] gets rendered to the very length “LICS ’24: 39th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science”.

  2. I currently have hundreds of trees that are "subentries" of my daily notes, and their titles are usually something like [[2024-02-07]] / progress on [[refereeing]] or something. The reason for including the date / parent in the title is for disambiguating in the search palette and making it less confusing when you reach the tree by a link. But within the daily note itself, it doesn't make sense to include the date in the title.

I don't think the two examples above are the same thing — but they speak to a need for a design.

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~jonsterling 5 months ago

I have dealt with the second part, and I will explain my design later.

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