Post: Rust is fater than C and C++ (in principle)

No science to tell if C programs in general are fster than Python... best we have is benchmark games, some rewites, and gut.


  • better access to high quality algorithms and data structures (libstd HashMap, Vec, sort), cargo
  • generic that allow for reuse of well optimized algos
  • aliasing and mutability information available to the compiler to provide more aggressive optimization
  • safe and easy multithreading
  • sefe complex use of references to avoid data copying


  • young compiler depending in llvm to do the hard work - MIR allows for development of Rust specific optimizations
  • llvm not as good as gcc
  • no stable ASM inlining
  • GPU access and linear algebra
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~jpastuszek 1 year, 2 months ago

Around 19:40; he says that C memory model is PDP-11 and strict memory layout rules inhibit optimization of C programs... something that is not a problem with Rust. https://invidious.xyz/watch?v=9-IWMbJXoLM

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