Post: Why MS W 10 is bad for you

Some facts about MS:

  • MS tax - how nobody ever bought anything from them yet they made lots of money; how we are not a customers of them in similar way we are not customers of Google
  • aggression towards competitors and state investigation

W10 issues:

  • UI - white backgrounds and white borders
  • mem usage
  • ever deeper hidden settings
  • ads; directly aggressive ads against competitors (firefox)
  • cortana is the new IE - can't be removed from system without breaking important functionality (search)
  • dependency on MS network services - you won't be able to find programs or files on "your" "P"C if their stuff is down
  • spying - every step you do (including calculator usage!) is followed and reported back to MS without your knowledge, consent or even ability to turn it off

Myths about windows:

  • Windows has better drivers than Linux - for typical user with latest hardware that is true but for not-so-latest hardware Linux has more drivers than windows as they are begin ported over with Linux updates while MS drops compatibility with almost every major update; also you can run Linux on pretty much any computer architecture
  • installing software is easy on Windows - on Linux it is trivial one command, software is downloaded, verified, installed in seconds automatically; try that on Windows
  • Windows just works out of the box - this is true but try to reinstall it from scratch - getting all the drivers right was always fun; on Linux if the driver is there it just loads in automatically as all drivers are typically included in the kernel (not so for proprietary GPU drivers)
  • there are more Windows devices than Linux - this is true only if you think about desktop computers; you use more Linux and BSD devices daily than windows devices: your TV runs Linux, your phone runs Linux or BSD (iPhone), your cable modem, set top box runs Linux, your PS2,3,4 runs BSD, watch, camera etc... there are orders of magnitude more devices on Linux/BSD than Windows
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