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#328 Black Screen with ^@ in the top left corner 8 days ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

I've seen this before during a fresh boot, from which only a reboot will fix it. It's probably a bug in the kernel, Xorg, or dwm I would guess.

#321 Modem not working 16 days ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

This is an error you get when polkit isn't running, and so ModemManager can't find it on DBus. Make sure to rc-service polkit start and rc-update add polkit boot to ensure it's started and runs before ModemManager. You will probably need to rc-service modemmanager restart for MM to start seeing polkit.

#305 Unauthorized from editing/activating/deactivating networks 26 days ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

I've also got the same error; I can workaround it by using sudo in a terminal, but the Networks GUI doesn't work. I'm also on pmOS edge, and a month-old Sxmo (so it's not because of recent Sxmo changes).

#240 Rethink how we lock SXMO 3 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

+1 to this, especially IPC control. dbus would be the "right" way to do this, but since dbus isn't exactly the simplest thing to work with, we could implement a custom text-based IPC protocol over a domain/TCP socket.

#160 Telegram-desktop 5 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Logs from X applications are logged in ~/.local/share/dwm.log, IIRC.

#139 PSA: Custom Resolution Destroys Screen 7 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

That's a horrible bug! Have you reported this upstream to pmOS? If this is a kernel bug, we should make sure it gets patched ASAP.

#92 Can't send sms with some chars 8 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

By the way, the --create-file-with-data option is not intended for SMS texts, it's instead intended for data payloads like MMS (as I understand it). Your message then was not a valid text SMS (it had a data segment but not a text segment), and probably was dropped by your carrier.

#99 Add contribution guide 8 months ago

Ticket created by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

We should describe the rules of sxmo contributions, e.g. "Everything passes shellcheck", and "Try to write code in simple languages like C/POSIX shell"

#96 audio doesnt work on latest 5.9 kernel 9 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

I'm pretty sure that patch is just from copy-pasting https://xnux.eu/devices/feature/call-audio.c as sxmo_megiaudioroute.c; megi appears to keep that program updated to match his kernel tree.

#28 gmnlm: Watch for SIGWINCH and reflow text appropriately 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~jpsamaroo on ~sircmpwn/gmni