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Last active 3 years ago

#21 Routing: Take pin ID as from/to 8 months ago

Ticket created by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/mepo-tickets

Users might have pins in their bookmarks that they want to use for routing, since the centerpoint/cursor are hard to accurately line up, and Nominatim is not always reliable in providing desired results. We may want to also allow specifying the group manually, in case users want to route between pins in different groups (like if they have a group for home/work, and a group for favorite coffee shops or restaurants).

#20 Make right {shift,control,alt} modifiers work 8 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/mepo-tickets

I would argue that we should by default merge left and right modifiers into s and c, and then provide alternatives for specifying only one side (maybe ls for Left-Shift or rc for Right-Control).

#19 default config: pin_purge not accessible 8 months ago

Ticket created by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/mepo-tickets

Currently _ u is also mapped to shellpipe mepo_ui_menu_pref_url.sh, requiring pin_purge to be remapped elsewhere.

#17 pin_add: Take group argument 8 months ago

Ticket created by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/mepo-tickets

The current behavior for 0.3 is to add pins to the currently-active group. For a future where async STDIN/scripts are a thing, we'll want calls to pin_add to be able to specify which group they should be placed in (like if a background script incrementally adds nearby POIs as you move around).

#414 headphone volume too soft in a call 10 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

The issue is in the sxmo_megiaudioroute program, which sets the volumes manually. You can use sxmo_vol.sh to then set the audio volume higher.

Of course, this is still a bug in my eyes, and should probably be handled by setting a higher default volume in sxmo_megiaudioroute.

#328 Black Screen with ^@ in the top left corner 1 year, 2 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

I've seen this before during a fresh boot, from which only a reboot will fix it. It's probably a bug in the kernel, Xorg, or dwm I would guess.

#321 Modem not working 1 year, 2 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

This is an error you get when polkit isn't running, and so ModemManager can't find it on DBus. Make sure to rc-service polkit start and rc-update add polkit boot to ensure it's started and runs before ModemManager. You will probably need to rc-service modemmanager restart for MM to start seeing polkit.

#305 Unauthorized from editing/activating/deactivating networks 1 year, 3 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

I've also got the same error; I can workaround it by using sudo in a terminal, but the Networks GUI doesn't work. I'm also on pmOS edge, and a month-old Sxmo (so it's not because of recent Sxmo changes).

#240 Rethink how we lock SXMO 1 year, 5 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

+1 to this, especially IPC control. dbus would be the "right" way to do this, but since dbus isn't exactly the simplest thing to work with, we could implement a custom text-based IPC protocol over a domain/TCP socket.

#160 Telegram-desktop 1 year, 7 months ago

Comment by ~jpsamaroo on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Logs from X applications are logged in ~/.local/share/dwm.log, IIRC.