#4 Potential error in example service file? 9 months ago

Comment by ~jthvai on ~whynothugo/systemd-lock-handler

I think so, that's what I've been using in my config so far. Thanks for the response!

#4 Potential error in example service file? 11 months ago

Ticket created by ~jthvai on ~whynothugo/systemd-lock-handler

Thank you very much for systemd-lock-handler, it's exactly what I needed to fill a gap in my config :)

In the Usage section of README.md, part of the example service file reads:

# Delay lock.target until this service is ready:

However, systemd.unit(5) reads:

Before=, After=

    Those two settings configure ordering dependencies between units. 
    If unit foo.service contains the setting Before=bar.service and both
    units are being started, bar.service's start-up is delayed until 
    foo.service has finished starting up. After= is the inverse of 
    Before=, i.e. while Before= ensures that the configured unit is 
    started before the listed unit begins starting up, After= ensures 
    the opposite, that the listed unit is fully started up before the 
    configured unit is started.


This would imply that the example service would be delayed until lock.target is ready (the opposite of the comment in the example, as I understand it).

Which was your intention?