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#29 nix crate upgrade 18 days ago

Comment by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/greetd

nix bumped to 0.20 in master.


#12 support for void linux? 19 days ago

Comment by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/gtkgreet

If someone wishes to become a void package maintainer, sure. Looks like there is a PR: https://github.com/void-linux/void-packages/pull/31320.


#157 BouncerServ client management 2 months ago

Ticket created by ~kennylevinsen on ~emersion/soju

The ability to query a user's clients and their status would be useful. Being able to clean up old clients might also be mildly useful.

Current use-case would be debugging history issues for non-CHATHISTORY-capable clients.

#10 Fails to build on ppc64le (Alpine Linux) 2 months ago

bug added by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/seatd

#11 NetBSD support 2 months ago

enhancement added by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/seatd

#11 NetBSD support 2 months ago

portability added by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/seatd

#10 Fails to build on ppc64le (Alpine Linux) 2 months ago

Comment by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/seatd

Hmm, seems to be a musl vs. the world thing. POSIX defines the ioctl request type as signed int, while glibc on Linux and various BSD libc's defines it as unsigned long. The ioctl request constants overflow a signed int, leading to this warning when using musl. I'm all for POSIX, but if all relevant OS's are incompatible I find it a little silly. See https://gitlab.alpinelinux.org/alpine/aports/-/issues/7580, which links to the musl mailing list.

Other than trying to add bogus casts, I'm not sure there's much I can do about that. I assume it works fine when you disable Werror?

#9 Something like uaccess from systemd-logind? 2 months ago

Comment by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/seatd

seatd provides an implementation of seat management, which is a feature commonly provided by logind. It is not a goal for seatd to implement every odd an unrelated feature present in logind (like laptop backlight control), as this would simply lead to a bad systemd clone.

Instead, when something can be implemented by another daemon or project instead of being part of seatd, it should (maybe by the same authors as seatd, maybe not). That leads to small modular tools that people can be independently chosen, improved or replaced.

uaccess could simply a PAM module - I don't even think it needs a daemon.

#9 Something like uaccess from systemd-logind? 3 months ago

Comment by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/seatd

We could have a uaccessd or pam_uaccess of sorts. It doesn't need to integrate with seatd or session switching as uaccess can't revoke fds anyway - setting acls on login/logout should be sufficient.

#27 greetd doesn't properly handle logind TTY variable 3 months ago

Comment by ~kennylevinsen on ~kennylevinsen/greetd

however when i run loginctl show-session x i still see a TTY=ttyX

That's also correct as I mentioned in the previous comment - the logind "TTY" session variable must be set to the TTY for the VT you used to login.

It's "Type" that should be set to "wayland".