Can't type in agreety, password not accepted, "client loop failed: i/o error: Broken pipe (os error 32)"

I've set up greetd and agreety on Void Linux. The _greeter user exists, and I've activated the greetd service. Also activated are the dbus and polkitd services.

When agreety loads, I can't type, or can only type erratically, it doesn't appear to recognise my password, and after a few attempts, it shows the error "client loop failed: i/o error: Broken pipe (os error 32)".

Here's a video of what happens (apologies for the shaky camera work!): https://photos.app.goo.gl/iFyLcj1BLcsSihQu6

The same problems occur on tuigreet, but they look rather more broken.

I am only able to log in by switching to another TTY. There, I can log in fine.

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2 years ago
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~kennylevinsen 2 years ago

You are probably still running (a)getty on that TTY, leading to agetty and agreety fighting to be the one to read a keyboard press. Disable (a)getty and try again.

~lown 2 years ago

This indeed appeared to be the case, thank you. I ran into unrelated problems and couldn't finish getting agreety to work, so this can be closed if you like!

~kennylevinsen REPORTED FIXED 2 years ago

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