agreety: do not clear console?

using greetd with agreety on tty1, upon boot when the daemon is started, the console is cleared. when instead using agetty/login, the console output from kernel/init is preserved.

is there an option to achieve the same behavior here?

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8 months ago
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~kennylevinsen 8 months ago

agetty clears the screen by default before prompting for the login name. See man agetty, description of the "-J, --noclear" flag. The code can be seen here: https://github.com/util-linux/util-linux/blob/1e0ad14b3ac08d855cda6de346a65f9b834e00db/term-utils/agetty.c#L1275

The clearing is actually done by greetd before activating the terminal, not by agreety. It could be made optional, but the current behavior intended to best simulate a normal text-based greeter setup (like agetty+login or ly).

npiazza@disroot.org 8 months ago ยท edit

indeed, my distro uses -J or --noclear for tty1 only, and i was looking exactly for that option within agreety/greetd. it would be a useful option imo.

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