seatd-launch swallows the SEATD_VTBOUND variable


I am trying to start seatd with no VTs While I can

export SEATD_VTBOUND=0 seatd & cage

I would prefer to be able to use seatd-launch Thanks

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2 years ago
2 years ago
enhancement seatd-launch

~n3rdopolis 2 years ago

Is it possible to make seatd-launch preserve the SEATD_VTBOUND=0 variable like it does the SEATD_LOGLEVEL variable?

~kennylevinsen 2 years ago

It is technically possible, but any option allowed through seatd-launch must first be deemed "safe" to give control of to any user on the system.

Note that the proper way to start seatd will always be by your service manager (openrc, runit, s6, whatever your choice is).

~n3rdopolis 2 years ago

OK, my use case is to be able to call wlroots based cage and the foot terminal from an initramfs, where there VTs. On this, cage can act as the recovery console. Can the SEATD_VTBOUND variable be whitelisted through seatd-launch please?

~kennylevinsen 2 years ago

It is not your use-case that defines if it is safe, but rather all the ways it can be misused.

Anyway, with recent changes in master this should not be an issue, but rather than "white-listing" SEATD_VTBOUND we might move the environment variable to a command-line flag.

~n3rdopolis 2 years ago

OK. I will be fine with a command-line flag

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