#Hi, I'm Kestral.

Wearing many hats - tech enthusiast, AI ethicist, author, lecturer, former demoscener, playwright, researcher, advocate.

"Blending code with compassion, stories with impact, and food with other, tastier food. Making the digital world more human, one step at a time."

I'm a GitHub evacuee, and am slowly in the process of moving projects, both public and private, over here to SourceHut. It's a super cool project and you should support it if you can.

Let's rebuild the Veetacore.

#490 New Site on FediRing 29 days ago

Comment by ~kestral on ~amolith/fediring

Hi Team - just giving this a nudge - appreciate all you do!

#490 New Site on FediRing a month ago

Ticket created by ~kestral on ~amolith/fediring

Hi there,

I'd like to join my site to FediRing.

URL: https://tilde.green/~kestral/ Fedi: https://hackers.town/@kestral

Huge thanks!