User Management

Allow general user management.

  • [x] create initial user if database is empty
  • [x] make user keys mandatory in post requests
  • [ ] endpoint for user creation limited to admins
  • [ ] endpoint for user deletion limited to admins and the user to be deleted

#Who's allowed to create users?

Users with an admin flag.

#Can users manage themselves?

Like change their info, delete themselves?

Yes, for now just delete themselves because there is no additional info.

#What user info is stored?

For now it is only ID, API Key and Rate Limit.

#Can users manage their URLs or only add URLs?

Users can only add and list URLs for now. Follow #2 for details and progress on URL management.

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3 years ago
3 years ago
first beta

~koehr referenced this from #3 3 years ago

~koehr 3 years ago

~koehr 3 years ago

Initial user created with https://git.sr.ht/~koehr/k0r/commit/449c87d8baa655b925710bedde251312d78fe775

#To do

Is it enough to create a user on database creation or should it check for lack of users instead?

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