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Here's my personal website: https://www.groovestomp.com . When I use the network tab in developer tools in de-googled chromium and disable the cache, the index page downloads a combined 3.7KB of data.

If you want to add my site to your list, that'd be cool. Thanks!

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~seirdy a month ago

On Tue, Mar 09, 2021 at 10:24:51PM -0000, ~groovestomp wrote:

Here's my personal website: https://www.groovestomp.com .

The site appears to be down. The host is up (I can ping), but the server isn't responding (connection times out).

-- /Seirdy

~groovestomp REPORTED FIXED a month ago

Wow, that was amazing timing. :-) I literally just did some "surgery" on my network right after opening the ticket - I replaced one router with another OpenWRT'd router and the network is back up now.

Thanks for checking!

~groovestomp FIXED REPORTED a month ago

~groovestomp a month ago

Hmm. I will get back to you when I have higher confidence that it will not go down right after I respond...

~groovestomp a month ago*

~groovestomp a month ago

Alright, I had to update my dynamic dns entry; but I think it's stable now. Thanks for your patience.

~koehr a month ago*

The /home link in the top menu of https://www.groovestomp.com/blog/ is sending the user to http://home.groovestomp.com/ instead of https://www.groovestomp.com/

~koehr REPORTED NOT_OUR_BUG 5 days ago

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