www.blitzw.in and nmosaic3.club membership access request

Hi. I'm Nune. I run two sites.

www.blitzw.in - already part of the 512kb club, which is currently going through issues with Vercel. Here's a Cloudflare report. Compressed size (bytes transferred) is 7.92 KB.

nmosaic3.club - A little side thing I just began yesterday to showcase sites that work fine on one of the oldest browsers. Don't know if it'll be popular or take off. Here's a Cloudflare report. Compressed size (bytes transferred) is 7.14 KB.

Enjoy your day. If you need any more information, feel free to reply.

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~koehr REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 2 months ago

Thank you, for reaching out and welcome to the 250kB Club! Both pages will be added, and reachable as https://250kb.club/blitzw-in/ and https://250kb.club/nmosaic3-club/ respectively.

Btw, it seems like the 250kb.club website works in NMosaic3, but doesn't render the URL list... I wonder why

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