Menu keybinding does not work during dashboard nor review

I think I need some help in debugging org-fc. The main issue is that when I start the dashboard, and I type r or q nothing occurs instead of starting review or quit the dashboard.

Worse, during review, the keybindings does not work. So I manually call the functions instead of just using n, etc... Also during review I don't see the menu at the bottom.

I am having a hard time debugging this as there is no error or exception thrown.

It broke after I updated spacemacs. I also stop using spacemacs and switched to doom-emacs. But org-fc still does not work as intended. I'm afraid this could have something to do with my local org-mode config which start to be a bit big.

I would appreciate any pointer to fix the issue. Thanks!

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3 years ago
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~xyank 3 years ago*

You are using evil mode, which is why you believe the keybindings do not work, since they are not created with evil in mind. This is not a bug.

Please read the docs: there's an entry regarding using org-fc with evil mode.

I suggest you define your own keybinds for all the modes on your own. That's what I have done, since the suggestions given in the docs did not work for me.

~yogsototh REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

Thanks ~xyank!

I don't know how I missed that part of the doc. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note, I still don't see the choice selector as I used to. In place I see a Creating LaTeX previews in section... done message. Thanks again!

~l3kn 3 years ago

Were you looking for "doom-emacs" or "spacemacs" in the docs, ~yogsototh? If so, I can change the text of the link and move it to a more visible location.

~xyank I think you have created leader key based maps for the org-fc modes, if you want I can also include those in the docs.

~xyank 3 years ago

Sure. The most important piece of code to make org-fc work easily on doom-emacs is this one.

Here's a good set of doom-emacs keymaps you can add into the docs:

(map! :map org
  ;; general
  :leader "r i n" #'org-fc-type-normal-init
  :leader "r i d" #'org-fc-type-double-init
  :leader "r r s" #'org-fc-review-buffer
  :leader "r r r" #'org-fc-review-resume
  :leader "r q" #'org-fc-review-quit
  :leader "r d" #'org-fc-dashboard
  :leader "r p" #'org-fc-review-edit ; p == original l3kn keymap
  :leader "r s" #'org-fc-review-suspend-card
  :leader "r b" #'org-fc-review-skip-card ; b == bury

  ;; flip mode
  :leader "r RET" #'org-fc-review-flip

  ;; rate
  :leader "r a" #'org-fc-review-rate-again
  :leader "r h" #'org-fc-review-rate-hard
  :leader "r g" #'org-fc-review-rate-good
  :leader "r e" #'org-fc-review-rate-easy

A caveat: they are global keymaps, not local. I'm fine with that: others might not be.

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