Native compilation errors

In case anyone using the native-comp branch here is a fix for some errors.

The first of which has to do with the macro org-fc-with-point-at-back-heading when called it throws an invalid function error. This is because the function called in the macro, org-fc-back-heading-position needs a (require 'org) in order to be compiled correctly.

Secondly, in order for org-fc-register-type to be used outside the file it, and the variable org-fc-types need to be wrapped in eval-and-compile.

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2 years ago
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~l3kn 2 years ago

Is there any reason against including these changes in the main org-fc code? I haven't tried native-comp yet but it would be nice if org-fc worked there by default.

~kindablue 2 years ago


I've tested more and I also needed to wrap all the calls to org-fc-register-type like below:

(eval-and-compile (org-fc-register-type

I'd like to check with another who uses native-comp but am unsure how to go about finding them.

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~l3kn 2 years ago

I've made some changes to how the org-fc files are loaded, can you check if that fixes your compilation errors?

On Emacs 27.1 I'm not getting any anymore.

~kindablue 2 years ago

I have just tested it and I too am not seeing any significant errors when compiling. Only some surrounding obsolete functions with Org 9.4, but the functionality seems to be okay.

~l3kn 2 years ago*

That's good to hear!

I also saw the deprecation warning, that will be handled by the next update to org-fc once I figure out how to replicate the old behavior with the new org function.

~l3kn REPORTED FIXED 2 years ago

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