Limit cards in an org-fc session

Limiting cards in a session is an easy way to avoid overwhelm during days when a huge number of cards are scheduled.

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2 years ago
2 years ago

~l3kn 2 years ago

I like the idea, where would this limit be set?

Some options that come to mind:

  • each time a review session is started (will get tedious over time)
  • via a defcustom applying to all review sessions (nil for no limit)
  • per review context (maybe in addition to a defcustom for the builtin "buffer" and "all" contexts)

~xyank 2 years ago

I had the "defcustom" idea in mind tbh: I don't think overengineering this is useful, simply because it's just "timeboxing" a session - if you finish the flashcards in one org-fc session, just start another if you are in the mood to do more.

Also, doing this enables us to programmatically set different limits for reviewing special files or directories using dir-local variables or the method I talked about here (https://lists.sr.ht/~l3kn/org-fc-devel/%3CX7dhfZInJUs7aD4oNpt8-8fZQImyFzCwj-Bt0UItFtSpW_HpfxifiQ9SYCPH5cqiFAz4i7tdvnJXo1IbOxgW75erwZCizZwl6S6MMArtdP8%3D%40protonmail.com%3E).

If you have better ideas, please go forward with them - I'm just telling you seems most convenient for me.

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