org-fc-review-next-card erroring when trying to review all

I'm not entirely sure if this is a general issue, or if there's some conflict with my config. I'm pretty new to emacs, so I'm stumped when trying to unravel what is happening myself. I do have experience in software, just not with emacs - so even a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

org-fc has worked just fine for me before. I use doom-emacs and upgraded my packages yesterday for the first time in a while, so it's possible org-fc or some conflicting package was upgraded then, triggering this issue.

running org-fc-review-all takes me to a buffer with a flashcard, but it does not narrow the buffer to the card. The point remains near the top of the file (though not always at the top - I'm not sure if this is important). An error org-fc-review-next-card: Wrong type argument: characterp, nil is thrown. I tried to look at the source, and it looks like this function is happy to receive nil so I assume the error is coming from inside this function.

opening the org-fc-dashboard works fine and it seems to be up to date. Starting a review in the dashboard takes me to the first card and allows me to flip and review that card, but when it tries to take me to the card after that I get the same behaviour as described above for org-fc-review-all

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~l3kn 2 years ago

Can you check if you get the same error with M-x org-fc-demo? If the demo review works, there might be something wrong with one of your cards, otherwise it's a general problem with the review.

You mention you were able to review one card from the dashboard, was that the same card that failed during org-fc-review-all?

If you haven't done so already, you can enable debug on errors with M-x toggle-debug-on-error, then try to trigger the error again.

~sjm REPORTED FIXED 2 years ago

I did a bunch of digging, found that it was something to do with find-file and with-current-buffer, which is about where the function was failing.

I spent some time working through what this might be - and eventually tried rebuilding all my packages out of desperation. This appears to have solved the issue, so I'll close it for now!

Thanks for your help, and for your quick response! I learned a bunch about digging into emacs happenings, even if it wasn't the thing that solved the issue!

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