Introducing new cards during review

I'm using a lot of flashcards that were generated from dictionary entries. It would be nice to show these in full (flipped) the first time they are reviewed.

Cards that were introduced in this way could then be appended to the review session, to be reviewed normally.

This could used to turn the demo file into an interactive introduction into org-fc.

-- ~l3kn, https://github.com/l3kn/org-fc/issues/40

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~xyank 3 years ago*

One way to implement this would be to override the default init function, and if the box of the card is at 0, automatically flip the card. Of course, I may be incorrect.

I don't think this is a good idea though:

When you’re asked to struggle with solving a problem before being shown how to solve it, the subsequent solution is better learned and more durably remembered. When you’ve bought your fishing boat and are attempting to attach an anchor line, you’re far more likely to learn and remember the bowline knot than when you’re standing in a city park being shown the bowline by a Boy Scout who thinks you would lead a richer life if you had a handful of knots in your repertoire.

-- Peter Brown, Make It Stick

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