#458 Missing nottification on incomming call after weird steps 6 months ago

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Latest sway sxmo thing.

  • I have virtual keyboard opened,
  • there is an incoming call,
  • I press "=" on virtual keyboard. This will make menu filter all items in list (pickup, hangup, mute) to items containing "="
  • I press power button
  • menu disappears, call is still ringing, in global menu is no notification item.

I have found this accidentally and if it does not reveals any other (more realistic) cases, I think this can be put to lowest priority.

#457 Comma support in dialing number 6 months ago

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Comma in dialed number should be interpreted as pause. I am using zoom conference due work and making possible to call, enter conference number and password using single click would be helpful. Now I have to use dtmf codes and it is a bit slow (I have to wait for my phone and not vice versa).

I am not sure, if described functionality is standard. First link about commas in dial number: https://www.computerhope.com/tips/tip232.htm

PS: using sxmo_modemdial.sh to call and than simulate pauses using sleep and dtmf codes using modem_cmd_errcheck seems possible. I will investigate it if there is no easy option how to add given functionality.

#451 "Losing touch".... 6 months ago

Comment by ~l5_plaintextsk on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Receiving sms during call triggered similar bug for me yesterday. It can also be because I have looked at the screen after received sms (that have triggered screen waking up and again turning off using proximity sensor). Touch was lost for menu in this case.

#414 headphone volume too soft in a call 6 months ago

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Is changing volume possible during call? I am not able to do "anything" with my pinephone since a while, because I see no possibility to move menu away and send keystrokes to any other app. A few months ago there was some menu item, which have made menu to appear as regular app and that way there was ability to use terminal for example...

#451 "Losing touch".... 6 months ago

Comment by ~l5_plaintextsk on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

When this happens to me, it seems that touch is always working for gestures (show menu, show keyboard and workspace switching). Also I am not sure, if touch keeps working in menu. I.e. only touch in applications seems lost. PS: Reproducibility (as many times, hard): It happens to me, when I open menu, go to dialer and than cancel menu using touch on "close menu", or using power button close. Happens not too small fraction to reproduce for me.

#371 SMSC setting 7 months ago

Comment by ~l5_plaintextsk on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

thanks for full info. still not working, but at least I see error:

pine64-pinephone:~$ mmcli -s 12 --send
error: couldn't send the SMS: 'GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.libqmi.Error.Protocol.WmsMessageDeliveryFailure: Couldn't write SMS part: QMI protocol error (56): 'WmsMessageDeliveryFailure''

#371 SMSC setting 8 months ago

Comment by ~l5_plaintextsk on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Sending sms using mmcli and provided smsc number does seems to work, but sms is actually not received by other side.

#find actual modem number, as sxmo sometimes restart it
pine64-pinephone:~$ mmcli -L
    /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/11 [QUALCOMM INCORPORATED] QUECTEL Mobile Broadband Module

#try to send sms using modem 11
pine64-pinephone:~$ mmcli -m 11 --messaging-create-sms="text='Hello world',number='+4219XXXXXXXX',smsc='+421949909909'" -v
[14 Dec 2021, 09:03:44] [Debug] ModemManager process found at ':1.2'
[14 Dec 2021, 09:03:44] [Debug] Assuming '11' is the modem index
[14 Dec 2021, 09:03:44] [Debug] Modem found at '/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/11'

[14 Dec 2021, 09:03:44] [Debug] Synchronously creating new SMS in modem...
Successfully created new SMS: /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/SMS/22

Smsc number should be "+421949909909" (see sms centrum part)

Any idea how to send sms?

#392 Dialer menu overlaps keyboard 8 months ago

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As workaround I use calling from console using 'sxmo_modemdial.sh +421905123456'.

#371 SMSC setting 9 months ago

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Same with O2 Telefonica in Slovakia. SMS receive works, but sending no.

#389 Adding contacts break if a number is too long 9 months ago

Comment by ~l5_plaintextsk on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Sidenote, in networks menu, there is a problem that tick mark for enabled networks are appended. In case of long network name, we do not see tick mark and thus we do not see status of given network. Breaking such long names would come handy also here. Prepending (instead of appending) tick mark can be another approach.