Touch Input Not Moving Input Location From UI Bar

I have noticed an issue when using a touch screen device such as the PinePhone that when touching on a text input on a website that the input is still directed to wherever the UI element is selected and not to the web page.

The only way to get the text to input is to tab until the selected UI element passes the print button and before it reaches the search box.

Using a mouse does't have this issue as the text is directed to where I have clicked on.

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~lanodan 5 months ago

That's an interesting bug, can even reproduce on my seriously outdated pinephone (pmos v22.06.1, webkit-gtk 2.36.5):

  • data:text/html,<input type=text>: Can't select via touchscreen
  • data:text/html,<textarea>: Works

So going to ping webkit-gtk devs there.

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