improve multilib support

muon uses uname() to power host_machine cpu/endian functions. This breaks multilib as uname might report that system is x64, whereas compiler might support only x86(e.g using -m32 option). To fix this bug, muon should rely on compiler information(e.g by parsing preprocessor output) than using uname().

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~vtorri 1 year, 4 months ago

would such improvement also be needed for cross compilation ?

~lattis referenced this from #81 1 year, 4 months ago

~vtorri 1 year, 2 months ago

@illiliti so to find them

I've not tried with ARM compiler, i don't have any on Windows right now

Oneric a month ago · edit

For further reference, it is entirely impossible to detect X32 via uname. X32 is an ILP32 x86_64 userspace ABI and always runs on a regular x86_64 kernel (with X32 syscalls enabled).

The recommendation by Debian’s X32 porters is to check for both ILP32 and x86_64 macros to identify a X32 environment. This is based of the SysV AMD64 ABI (and afaict ILP macros were added in version 0.99.7), a copy of version 1.0 is linked below: https://cs61.seas.harvard.edu/site/pdf/x86-64-abi-20210928.pdf

Currently meson and afaik muon’s host_machine info can't identify an X32 environment anyway, but this also affects the built-in NASM support. On X32 NASM should be configured with -felfx32 but currently is instead configured with -felf64 breaking the build for anything using NASM on X32.

In general assembly might also need custom configuration for X32 and therefore the ability to identify a X32 env from host_machine to work correctly. But e.g. for libass setting the correct output format is the only thing needed to make X32 builds work.

~zamfofex 6 days ago

I want to note that -m32 is not related to x32 at all. It will simply compile a 32‐bit x86 binary (even when running on x86‐64). The -mx32 option is what is used to compile to x32.

Oneric 6 days ago · edit

On Thu, May 23, 2024 at 17:57:25 +0000, ~zamfofex wrote:

I want to note that -m32 is not related to x32 at all.

I know, but the X32 case is a further point for why uname shouldn’t be used (exclusively at least).

If all you’re after is compiling ix86 binaries on a x86_64 host (with presumably an ix86 userspace, else it’d be cross-compilation), you can work around the current limitations as described here: https://todo.sr.ht/~lattis/muon/81#event-347332 (such a workaround is impossible for X32)

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