Some gemini capsules sometimes fail with strange error

Sometimes, some gemini capsules fail with one of the two:

AttributeError: 'IPv6Address' object has no attribute 'count'

AttributeError: 'IPv4Address' object has no attribute 'count'

This happened on gemini://thrig.me/blog/2023/03/02/legacy-ueb.gmi before being solved.

I believe that the problem is in the fix_ipv6_url function which is quite buggy.

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~lioploum 6 months ago

After investigation, this is definitely not the fix_ipv6_url function. The bug happen even when bypassing this function.

Strangely, I’ve not been able to reproduce the bug with HAS_CRYPTOGRAPHY = False.

This only happens with gemini URL.

~lioploum 6 months ago

~lioploum 6 months ago*

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/home/ploum/dev/offpunk/offpunk.py", line 2121, in _go_to_gi

gi = self._fetch_over_network(gi)

File "/home/ploum/dev/offpunk/offpunk.py", line 2424, in _fetch_over_network

address, f = self._send_request(gi)

File "/home/ploum/dev/offpunk/offpunk.py", line 2603, in _send_request

self._validate_cert(address[4][0], host, cert)

File "/home/ploum/dev/offpunk/offpunk.py", line 2715, in _validate_cert

ssl._dnsname_match(name, host)

File "/usr/lib/python3.10/ssl.py", line 289, in _dnsname_match

wildcards = dn.count('*')

AttributeError: 'IPv4Address' object has no attribute 'count'

~lioploum 6 months ago

For the record, I’ve found the culprit.

The problem is that, when browsing Gemini, offpunk is using custom certificate code written by solderpunk for AV-98. This code calls directly a private function in the standard SSL library:


This function expects two strings and will raise a CertificateError if the hostname doesn’t match the DN rules (including "*" rules).

In some very rare case, the dn exctracted from a certificate is an ip adress. What I still don’t understand is that, from the same certificate, the code sometime extracts an IP address, sometimes a DN.

But when it’s an IP address, this IP is not considered a string but an IPv4/6 object. Which cannot be manipulated as a string.

The quick and ugly fix to this is to cast the DN object as a string.

Of course, the real problem would be to understand what is happening in that naughty code and why there’s a need to call a private function.

~lioploum REPORTED FIXED 6 months ago

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