Handling certificates for status 6X are not supported by offpunk.

Handling certificates for status 6X are not supported by offpunk

Please open a bug report

I ran onto this bug when trying to sync to local the website auragem.letz.dev, (I can't be really sure if it's auragem.letz.dev or ploum.net, as they were both in the sync list) with --depth 5.

Could there be added support for setting certificates to use to load websites?

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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~julianmarcos 4 months ago

Just noticed it might be dangerous with sites like bubble, where clicking on a link can do things such as delete a post, so maybe yes implement it, but put some warning up.

~lioploum 4 months ago

I acknowledge this bug.

But solving it is quite tricky because it requires thinking how to handle client side certificates when offline. See also the following conversation:


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