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#5 graph-based history of note traversal 2 years ago

Comment by ~localghost on ~sjm/nesktop-experiments

I'm not sure if this is polluting the purity of your original idea but I think the concept of a meta-level note that only exists within the graph traversal space and acts as a commentary on that traversal might be useful

#2 resize note visualisation 2 years ago

Comment by ~localghost on ~sjm/nesktop-experiments

Is there any upper limit on how big a note can be? Could there be some organic mechanism for splitting big notes into smaller units which then share a common theme? This comment isn't directly related to resizing a note's window I guess, but it made me think

#4 connections view 2 years ago

Comment by ~localghost on ~sjm/nesktop-experiments

Could one perhaps split the viewpane in order to follow multiple paths through a chain of ideas?