Add public server list

To make it easy for people to find a public server to join there should be a server browser thing.

Implementation ideas:

Make among-sus register itself with a server browser:

$ ./among-sus -r serverbrowser.example.com -n "My awesome server" -h "mygame.example.org:1234"
-r server browser host
-n name for the server listed on that host
-h host/port clients can connect to from outside

The among-sus binary keeps an open tcp connection to the server browser to signify it exists. On start the among-sus binary sends the version number and server name to the browser. Then on every join/leave/map-change send a line with new info to the server browser.

To get the server list connect to the server browser:

$ nc serverbrowser.example.com 1233
----[ Among-sus server browser ]----
mygame.example.org:1234     3/10     In lobby
other.example.org:1234      5/10     In game
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