Bundled qbe

I wonder if it would be helpful to have a script that fetches the correct qbe version and stashes it in a local dir.

I can see an argument for not doing this too, so I'm not sure what is best.

For example, gcc has a script in contrib/ that can download gmp and some other things.

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~mcf 2 years ago

A git submodule could work for this. I've avoided it until now, since I didn't want to have to keep updating it, but it'd be nice to at least be able to say "this version works reasonably well".

I agree that it would make it easier for people to try out the compiler without worrying about dependencies and their PATH.

It also makes me think about how we should be searching for tools and libraries. I want to make sure that you can still just run ./cc in the common case and things will just work, but I think we may need to be a bit smarter about this (something like gcc's --sysroot feature).

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