ssa temporary error when compiling large files


I have an issue while trying to compile amalgamated files such as duktape 0 or sqlite 1.

I get the following error:

$ cproc extern/libduktape/duktape.c -:56626: ssa temporary %.8 is used undefined in @do_body.17130 cproc: codegen: process 10477 exited with status 1 cproc: preprocess: process signaled: Terminated cproc: assemble: process signaled: Terminated cproc: compile: process signaled: Terminated

both qbe and cproc are up to date (cloned the same day as this mail).

FWIW, the duktape.c file is 66167 LOCs.


-- David

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~ach 1 year, 4 months ago

This is usually caused when the input program has a code path that uses a variable before it has been assigned in the C code. Unfortunately currently cproc cannot see this code path and qbe chokes on it which is why the error message is not so pleasant

Usually the fix is to work out which function in the input is using an undefined variable and fixing it upstream.

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