Documentation missing on how to build from sourcehut

I'm having the same failed Jinja2 issue described on the mailing list and attempting to change the git clone command on https://docs.mediagoblin.org/en/master/siteadmin/deploying.html to work with this new sourcehut repo is not working. Please help!

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5 months ago
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~sturm REPORTED CLOSED 5 months ago

From speaking with ~jahway603 on IRC, we've confirmed that the newly released version 0.12.1 fixes the Jinja2 issue. Please see the documentation on upgrading for how to switch to this version:


I appreciate that this approach of checking out a git tag is confusing. We'll take this on board and consider how to make the process simpler. Ideally I'd like to avoid people running MediaGoblin from having to use git at all.

~sturm 5 months ago

I forgot to mention, the SourceHut and Savannah repositories are kept in sync, so there's no issues with sticking with whatever you have.

~jahway603 referenced this from #40 5 months ago

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