Documentation missing on how to build from sourcehut (still not resolved)

In https://docs.mediagoblin.org/en/master/siteadmin/deploying.html, there are only git commands pulling mediagoblin code from Savannah and no documentation on how to build from Sourcehut (SH).

When I type git status, I should not be getting "Not currently on any branch." when dealing with a Sourcehut repo. The git command options are totally different between SH and what is documented in https://docs.mediagoblin.org/en/master/siteadmin/deploying.html.

This issue was attempted to be reported in Issue #37 which was incorrectly resolved as "Documentation missing on how to build from sourcehut".

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~sturm REPORTED FIXED a month ago

Hi ~jahway, the deployment documentation has now been updated to refer to SourceHut. Please note that these repositories are kept in sync, so it makes absolutely no difference which you use for deployment purposes.

Your git issue seems to be that your repository is in a "detached head" state. You can probably run git checkout stable to resolve this, but if not you may need to find some help with git.

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