Error 500 when 'from' field isn't filled


  • Login
  • Compose
  • Don't put anything in the 'From' field
  • Send

Expected behaviour:

  • Validation error indicates the missing field

Actual behaviour:

  • error 500 page

As well as improving the validation, it would be really nice to automatically fill the 'From' field:

  • Maybe a user setting to have a default 'From' address when composing?
  • Otherwise if the server was started with service discovery then the email domain is known, and I think it's reasonable to guess that 'username@domain.com' is the user's email address
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2 years ago
2 years ago
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~mfashby 2 years ago

Looking at the code, routes.go:561 onwards seems to try to handle it like this:

  • using the username if it looks like an email address
  • pulling the From field from the settings

However I can't see a 'From' field in the settings page.

In my case, the username does not resemble an email (no @ symbol)

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