Add a way to configure the CategorizedMailboxes

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Right now the CategorizedMailboxes are forced to have the following names:

  • Drafts
  • Sent
  • Junk
  • Trash
  • Archive

The main problem with this is that it assumes you have your mailbox in English and it doesn't have to be. In my personal case, having the mailbox in Spanish, the names of the CategorizedMailboxes are:

  • Borradores
  • Enviados
  • Spam
  • Papelera
  • Archivo

And when you try to perform some kind of action that requires using any of these CategorizedMailboxes the system crashes with a 500 error.

--> After clicking on "Delete"
o4hVUA UID MOVE 42034 "Trash"
o4hVUA NO [TRYCREATE] No folder Trash (Failure)
2022-05-08T10:50:03+02:00 ERROR failed to move message: No folder Trash (Failure)
2022-05-08T10:50:03+02:00 method=POST, uri=/message/INBOX/move?to=Trash, status=500

--> After clicking on "Archive"
03kkxg UID MOVE 42034 "Archive"
03kkxg NO [TRYCREATE] No folder Archive (Failure)
2022-05-08T10:50:34+02:00 ERROR failed to move message: No folder Archive (Failure)
2022-05-08T10:50:34+02:00 method=POST, uri=/message/INBOX/move?to=Archive, status=500

--> After clicking on "Report Spam"
P22Tug UID MOVE 42034 "Junk"
P22Tug NO [TRYCREATE] No folder Junk (Failure)
2022-05-08T10:53:24+02:00 ERROR failed to move message: No folder Junk (Failure)
2022-05-08T10:53:24+02:00 method=POST, uri=/message/INBOX/move?to=Junk, status=500

--> After sending each message
2022-05-08T10:55:59+02:00 ERROR failed to save message to Sent mailbox: Unable to resolve mailbox
2022-05-08T10:55:59+02:00 method=POST, uri=/compose, status=500

It would be very interesting to have some method for the user to choose which directories correspond to the CategorizedMailboxes in their our settings.

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~emersion 6 months ago

It would be better for the server to support special-use mailboxes so that each and every client doesn't need to be configured separately by the user.

~ogarcia 6 months ago

~emersion, yes. Your approach is much better than mine.

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