Swmo: Crash SXMO by pressing volume up

Pinephone PostmarketOS Edge SXMO Edge / Sway Mepo 0.2

I tried mepo yesterday and while playing around with it I found that pressing volume up while mepo is running reliably crashes SXMO.

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2 years ago
2 years ago

~mil 2 years ago

Interesting - wonder if you could provide some logs as well? Normally when I've tested on mobile I've tested on Sxmo/X - so I haven't see this yet.

I'd say most likely an Sxmo bug not a mepo bug as crashing of the environment is not something mepo could cause under normal circumstances. But I would be interested to look over logs.

~mil 2 years ago

Also is it just volume up or also vol down and power too?

~murks 2 years ago

I have yet to look through logs but it's only this button.

~mil 2 years ago

I'm testing on Swmo 1.7 and can't seem to replicate either with mepo 0.2 or master branch.

~murks can you provide more details on how to replicate this issue?

~mil REPORTED FIXED 2 years ago

Closing as can't replicate - ~murks feel free to comment here or open a new ticket if you have steps to replicate.

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