Routing: Take pin ID as from/to

Users might have pins in their bookmarks that they want to use for routing, since the centerpoint/cursor are hard to accurately line up, and Nominatim is not always reliable in providing desired results. We may want to also allow specifying the group manually, in case users want to route between pins in different groups (like if they have a group for home/work, and a group for favorite coffee shops or restaurants).

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2 years ago
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~mil 2 years ago

Agreed - ideally we can route directly from/to pins; graphhopper script's menus should directly be loaded with all pins/names/locations.

Still thinking through the implementation on this a bit - in Milestone 5 its planned there will be 'save/restore' state basically dumping out all state (& pins data) to file to restore. One idea is reuse this save state feature and then in shellpipe just grep through the list to populate the menu with all pin locations. The alternative is pins state could be dumped to an ENV var in shellpipe.

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