Plasma mobile support

Not officially on roadmap / support isn't planned.

Would be nice to add support - the blocker is that plasma mobile doesn't support dock windows / overlay windows. Neither bemenu nor dmenu worked at all in plasma mobile from my last testing. Is there some alternative that works on plasma mobile or is there a ticket upstream for support for bemenu etc.)?

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9 months ago
2 months ago
feature nice-to-have pending-release

~mil 2 months ago

~mil 2 months ago

kdialog seems to have decent support for built-in OSK keyboard on plamo.

Switch could be used to detect to launch kdialog if ENV var XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP = plasma-mobile. Only issue will be separating out list selection from text input. List selection could have final option 'Custom Input' that allows text input. There should also be way to short circuit so text-input could be directly used for options without list selection.

~mil 2 months ago

Supported via zenity for next release

~mil REPORTED CLOSED 2 months ago

Supported in 1.0 release

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