Allow user to edit openstreetmaps

Not sure how we would accomplish this technically but we should allow and encourage users to improve openstreetmaps via mepo. This means suggesting edits. Does openstreetmaps have an api for this? Is this out of scope of the project?

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2 years ago
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feature user-feedback

~mil 2 years ago

Indeed this would be an awesome feature to have eventually. OSM does have an editing API: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/API_v0.6

I think most likely the idea would be to integrate through a shell script. When we drop overpass & nominatim pins on the map, the handle is the OSM id, as such that same ID could be cross-referenced. In milestone 5 there will be work done to be able to dump out pin data (for save/restore state) which will also tie into this nicely (e.g. in shellpipe script then you could simply reference the current selected pin and lookup via that OSM ref id).

I'm not sure if there is a dedicated application for editing OSM data; but that could also be used as an alternative to a shellscript if it exists (might make a nicer user flow if some pre-built application already exists).

This is in scope for mepo although i'm working on getting things working from the user / mobile aspect first; but would love to have OSM contribution flow built out eventually. Would accept patches ofcourse for this.

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