pin format compatibility / gpx?

hey there! was thinking of converting backup "favourites" from previous cartography app i was using (osmand), and figured the following:

my favourites are already neatly organized in a .gpx file that appear to actually be a thing: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GPX

wouldn't it be neat if Mepo would store its favourites/bookmarks/pins in a similar format, making it de facto interoperable with OSMand and other softwre?

Looks like this: blah Warsaw

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2 years ago
2 years ago
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~baroque0 2 years ago*

(oops, my gpx item example indeed got garbled by the form input field...) was something like < wpt lat="5x.2410316" lon="2y.984766"> <name>blah</name> <type>Warsaw</type> </wpt>

~mil 2 years ago

Ah neat - so I'm not sure about built-in support (in the zig logic) as that would involve integrating an XML parser and would likely increase complexity but it would surely be nice to have a script to translate between mepolang pins & GPX.

Such a script could use xmllint or something like a jq equivalent to translate back and forth.

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