new scale on 0.4 displays too small

congrats on releasing 0.4!!

it looks sturdieer and more responsive, yet the scale of the whole displayed changed, making too small and mostly unreadable on my pinephone (with a wayland display scaled at 1.6, instead of 2 that is the default with sxmo)

zoom this to measure 23cm: https://wtf.roflcopter.fr/pics/G74oTZij/2nYMyFSZ.png to get an idea..

it's probably begnin, maybe just a parameter to adapt in the config file?

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2 years ago
1 year, 9 months ago

~mil 2 years ago

Ah so you can set the preference fontsize_ui in mepolang.


prefset fontsize_ui 40;

Also you can use 3-finger rotate gesture or central menu item Update Fontsize to change as a one-off thing.

I agree it maybe a bit on the smaller side or too small by default on high DPI displays. I kind of wonder about making the fontsize somehow proportional to screensize (as on non HighDPI displays its plenty large).

~baroque0 2 years ago

Thanks for an answer

Well it's not as much the UI as the MAP itself. Look at the text on the screenshot. It is an equivalent of 4 or 5px size. barely readable. I think the scale problem is about the same in the UI and in the mnap (ie. should be about twice as big)

~mil 2 years ago

Ah i see, so is that at the max (or highest) zoom level? It's readable for me at max zoom level, but I suppose it is a bit small.

Perhaps we could have 'emulated' zoom levels beyond the max - wherein tiles are scaled up in size. The only thing is since the tiledata comes in from servers as raster PNG files scaling wouldn't be 'pretty' / may look pixelated which I'm not sure should be accessible as a default.

~baroque0 1 year, 9 months ago

I think this would work, as it would be used on displays with very high DPI and such, where the local renderer will be doing the job of antialiasing and making more "pretty". It could be a global "scale" parameter of some sort..?

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