Document How to Configure Accurate Location Gathering Support/GPS

I'd like to respectfully request documentation added to either the installation or user guide which details how to get GPS working through Mepo. I am struggling a bit to get accurate location from GPS when I have tried searching for documentation but found nothing conclusive. It seems maybe it is expected to work out of the box? If that is the case then maybe the documentation would still be worth while because I seem to have accidentally broken it maybe by messing with mmcli location settings.

I've tried running 'mmcli -m any --location-enable-gps-nmea --location-enable-gps-raw --location-enable-agps-msa --location-enable-3gpp' which seemed to return a decent chunk of location data when running 'mmcli -m any --location-get'. Unfortunately I only seem to get a read on my location when connected to WiFi. I also tried playing with gpsd, but I especially don't know what I'm doing with that either.

Thanks for the consideration

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~mil 9 months ago

I think pointing to the postmarketOS wiki or a similar guide on how to configure GPS would be the best course of action here.

Currently the main documentation on mepo userguide is: http://mepo.milesalan.com/userguide.html#repositioning-the-map

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So as mentioned in #73 you should just use geoclue; if gpsd is properly configured, geoclue will use gpsd implicitly (and I want to remove gpsd altogether from mepo's codebase).

As far as configuring GPS / gpsd, that's a per-device concern and out-of-scope for mepo itself; but I do agree mepo's documentation could use some work and be more helpful in pointing users to guide(s) on how to properly configure gpsd for their device on the postmarketOS wiki etc.

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