menu not opening

mepo v1.2.1 on op6, sway, sxmo, pmos edge

menu does not open when clicking on menu button nor long pressing with one finger which makes mepo unusable. what is missing here?

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28 days ago
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~magdesign a month ago

[Solved] there was a missing package:


would be nice to get an error notification in the terminal or that this gets installed by default.

~mil a month ago*

Agreed - it would be nice to have better error handling by default - this can be rather confusing for end users.

In the next release I'm considering just dropping the mepo and mepo-scripts division all together (and thus installing only mepo in future versions would suffice).

The original idea was that the mepo base package & application could be used without extra scripts / runtime dependencies (thus if you wanted to use the default scripts you'd install mepo-scripts).. However in practice I'd guess 99% of people who use mepo just use the default bundled scripts as well, so it likely causes more confusion then its worth to have the division exposed to packagers & end users.

~mil REPORTED CLOSED a month ago

~magdesign 28 days ago


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