Rework TileCache concurrency model

TileCache's tile_retrieve is used for rendering tiles (which fetches tiles and also pushes into queue if not found).

Underlying Lifo datastructure is thread-safe but is a blunt mechanism since there is lots of locking/unlocking on sub-calls since curl multi logic also uses this same code (and thus locks).

Result is jagged dragging. #6 is one potential solution. Also another idea is to move mutex up to TileCache public functions itself and then remove thread-saftey/mutex logic from Lifo which would result in less intermittent locking.

Goal: as little locking on SDL rendering thread as possible.

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a month ago
12 days ago
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~mil a month ago

Idea: integrate SDL loop & curl loop (FD/select) and then only run curl processing logic when SDL event queue empty

~mil REPORTED FIXED 12 days ago

More or less solved. Mutex was moved up and locking is alot less noticeable currently.

Minor improvements can still be made / #6 will remain open

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