Mobroute: User-Reported Good & Problematic GTFS Datafeed MDBIDs

This ticket will track both known good (working routes etc.) & problematic datafeeds (MDBIDs) from the Mobility Database as tracked or reported by users of Mobroute. Please feel free to comment on this ticket if you've found an MDBID which you are experiencing issues with on Mobroute or Transito. Or conversely if a particular feed MDBID routes well for you please comment here as well. Commenting here will allow diagnosis from a dev side for problematic feeds and flag good feeds for other users.

Known Good Feeds (to be eventually added to http://ci.lrdu.org/tests_results ):

  • 247: Portland, OR Trimet (~120MB stop_times.txt)
  • 517: NJ Transit PATH (tiny)
  • 503: Philadephia, PA SEPTA rail (tiny)
  • 712: Calgary Transit - missing agency_id in agency.txt as reported by ~pi-cla (Fixed / pending-release: #34).
  • 502: Philadelphia SEPTA Bus. Load fails due to missing agency_id in agency.txt currently flagged as required (Fixed / pending-release: #34)
  • Supplemented known goods feeds from CI here

Known Problematic Feeds to be fixed (diagnosis & tracking ticket)

  • 1222: Vancouver. Generated transfers with a large amount of stops, takes ~30s on quadcore to memload 8M transfers (Fix: #23)
  • 767: Praha. Slow load compute - generated transfers with large amount of stops.. 20k stops input (Fix: #23 & #41).
  • 1078: Norway aggregate feed.. large data, 500MB GTFS Zip, 800MB stop_times.txt (Fix: #19)
  • 1077: Netherlands aggregate feed.. large data 900MB stop_times.txt reported by ~whynothugo (Fix: #19)
  • 247: Portland, OR Streetcar - seems like there is some issue with formatter (Fix: #16)

Known Incompatible Feeds (blacklisted / flagged):

  • 10: Hawaii The Bus. Datafeed cuts of in 2023.. shouldn't be marked 'active' to begin with in Mobility DB. (See: #22)
  • 860: Praha. Datafeed cuts off in 2023.. also shouldn't be marked as active (See: #22)
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2 months ago
a month ago

~mil referenced this from #20 2 months ago

~pi-cla a month ago

Calgary Transit (MDBID: 712) also does not work as it's agency.txt does not have an agency_id

~mil a month ago*

Thanks for reporting agency.txt issue with MDBID 712 ~pi-cli ; added to list. Fixed with #34

~pi-cla a month ago

Now I get a different error: strconv.Atoi: parsing "": invalid syntax

~mil a month ago

~pi-cla would you be able to open up a ticket for your issue & post full replication steps & details? (Include as many logs, screenshots, etc. as possible to show full process)

I'm unable to replicate that issue locally - did test routing successfully with MDBID 712 yesterday on master after fix in #34

~pi-cla a month ago

nvm, it appears the bug is no longer there. Calgary Transit works properly now. Thanks!

~whynothugo a month ago

Worth mentioning 1077 from https://todo.sr.ht/~mil/mobroute-tickets/39 here.

~mil a month ago

Thanks for mentioning ~whynothugo - have added 1077 to the above list

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